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Is a Supermarket Boom Coming to the Williamsburg Waterfront?

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It's official: when the apocalypse comes, we'll be heading to Williamsburg for our canned goods. Not only is recently-revived 11 Broadway still seeking a supermarket (and there's the fresh food at the new Duane Reade), but, brace, there's also a supermarket on the verge of signing for space at The Edge. The closing is "imminent," leasing agent Robert Greenstone tells the Brooklyn Eagle, but not set in stone enough for him to share the details. A restaurant and a salon/spa are also about to close deals and join CVS at the waterfront complex/TV advertiser.

While the Williamsburg waterfront gets its culinary basics, DoBro is moving in a different direction?more chains! Joining Shake Shack will be Panera Bread, which has leased space at 345 Adams Street. An asiago cheese bagel with a concrete chaser. Mmm!
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