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Architect Lights Up Giant Manhole in Battery Park City

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Some dismiss Battery Park City as Manhattan's suburbia, and like any good suburb worth its weight in Volvo SUVs, there are cul-de-sacs. But this is still New York City, so how about a little friggin' excitement? With that, we give you "Light Tracks," the new art piece in the West Thames Street cul-de-sac designed by architect Audrey Matlock. Matlock is responsible for glassy condo creations like Chelsea Modern and 57 Irving Place, but this little light show has taken up a decent chunk of her time. She's been working on it since 2002, the Broadsheet Daily reports, and now it's finally finished. So what the heck is it?

According to the Broadsheet, "The piece, commissioned by the Battery Parks City Authority, features a circular manhole motif with radiating arms, each arm of which is highlighted by blue and yellow LED lights. At night a central beam is set to shine upward while the other lights are set to go on and off at regularly timed intervals in one of four computerized patterns." Below is a rendering from Matlock's website showing the central beam effect (and what appears to be one guy rocking the fuck out). If this took eight years to complete, guess we can't complain about the whole World Trade Center thing.

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