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Gay Hotel Pushed Back to 2012?; Columbia's 'Daring' New Building

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HELL'S KITCHEN?Sounds like we're going to have to wait a while to check out those Serra-inspired curves in The Out NYC, the "gay urban resort" being carved out of a former homeless shelter on 42nd Street. Writes a tipster, "I’ve been told by the Marketing Manager at Axel Hotels that the planned 'gay' hotel in Hell's Kitchen is now being pushed back until summer 2012." Crap, now where's the From the Bottom to the Top cast going to party? [CurbedWire Inbox]

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS?Our friends at World Architecture News posted an editorial and some great pictures of Columbia's new Northwest Corner Building, the "daring" Rafael Moneo glass and steel structure that kind of looks like a vent shaft. (The bball team also plays there!) The building is a shocking modern departure from the rest of the Columbia campus?and sets the stage for the Manhattanville expansion?and WAN is kind of meh about it: "In almost every way (in its materials, its coloration and its bulk) the building tests the limits of acceptability where it concerns its responsibility to the surrounding urban fabric and the greater public realm." [WAN]