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Parents Want to Buy Beloved Village School Before NYU Does

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When the historic Philip Coltoff Center, the Greenwich Village home of the Children's Aid Society's Early Childhood Program and other children's programs, told families that it might put its Sullivan Street buildings on the market, our minds leaped immediately to NYU. After all, why wouldn't the purple people be interested in a local Calvert Vaux-designed building? But our assumption is a Children's Aid Society parent's nightmare, if Daily Intel's account of last night's parent meeting is anything to go by. After the school's board votes on the possible sale next week, the buildings could go on the market asking between $20 million and $30 million. Parents have already formed the Save a Village Education task force with the goal of buying the school or finding a buyer who will keep the school as-is. While nearby schools like Montessori and Little Red have already expressed interest in bidding, parents hope locals with deep pockets, rather than a private school, will step up. But we find it hard to imagine an offer NYU couldn't outbid.
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