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And Now, a $5 Million 1BR on (Where Else?) Park Avenue

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Take a click through the gallery above, because it will probably be your last look at this 1BR, 1.5BA apartment. Unless you have $5 million lying around, that is. That's right, this apartment, #3B at 521 Park Avenue (where else?), is now asking $5 million, a 25 percent PriceUpper from its previous asking price of $4M. While we wouldn't necessarily say the sellers are on the ball when it comes to market trends, they do seem to sense this price tag might boggle some minds: the alternative floor plan shows how a buyer could add an extra bedroom. "Original Herringbone Oak Floors take you back in time," says the brokerbabble. Maybe use that time machine to pick this place up when it was cheaper?
· Listing: 521 Park Avenue, Unit 3B [Elliman]
· 521 Park Avenue #3B in Lenox Hill [StreetEasy]

521 Park Avenue

521 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021