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Something's Up at Williamsburg's Rumored Apple Store Site

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A couple years back rumors circulated that Apple was going to bring its first Brooklyn store to Bedford Avenue, specifically the Salvation Army building at 176 Bedford. No sale was ever recorded, and the building is still standing, thrift store, boarded-up windows and all. But a tipster points out that a building permit was just filed to construct a new two-story (plus cellar) retail building with 7,200 square feet of space. The site is still owned by the Salvation Army, but the architecture firm is totally legit, making us think this could be something more ambitious than another thrift store.

We've reached out to both the Salvation Army and Fradkin & McAlpin Architects, but haven't heard back. So we visited the store, and a clerk told us the store will be closing for a "remodeling." When asked if it is indeed just a remodeling, the store's manager clammed up and directed us to the same Salvation Army contact listed on the permit, which is now being examined by the DOB. An Apple conspiracy? Eh, probably not. The architects have worked on Salvation Army projects in Brooklyn in the past. But we're sure Marty Markowitz is holding out hope.
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