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Aby Rosen Buys 530 Park, Keeps Dreaming of Shangri-La

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Developer Aby Rosen hasn't been having a financially fun time lately, with PriceChoppage and even giving up a building. But that's all in the past, Rosen tells the Times, and "ninety-nine percent of our headaches are gone" now thanks to debt refinancing. Which makes Rosen willing to sit down and dish to the Times' Vivian Marino on just what he's been up to lately, dropping some details of interest to the Curbediverse. The Cliffs Notes: Rosen confirms the rumor that he was the buyer of Bianca Jagger's old rental building at 530 Park Avenue and will convert it to a luxury condo, though he did not say whether he'll be getting rid of the all-gold lobby's bordello look. Also new to the Rosen empire is the Avanova, a prewar building on West 81st Street. And finally, the site at 610 Lexington Avenue that was once set to be the Shangri-La Hotel will still be a hotel. Will it still use Norman Foster's design? Our magic 8 ball tells us to ask again later.
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530 Park Avenue

530 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065