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Bizarre Williamsburg Mansion Returns to Market for $6 Million

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Once upon a time, sculptor and installation artist Cosimo Cavallaro, he of the burning piano films and cheese-covered hotel rooms, planned to turn his 333 Kent Avenue house/studio into a luxury apartment tower called Punctilio. One rethink later, the building was on the market for $12.8 million, but it turned that price was, uh, a little high. The building was inducted into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame in May '09 with a $5.95 million price tag, which then dropped to $4.955 million. Cue the rebound! The could-have-been-Punctilio building is back on the market, now asking $6 million. Okay, not much of an improvement considering that old $12.8 million, but if there are no tennis aces looking right now, gotta start slow.
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