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In LIC, Replacing Decor With Views

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Hamed Anvari and Sasha Ankov live in a penthouse on the 39th floor of the Avalon Riverview North in Long Island City for which they pay $3,800 a month. They share the 2 bedroom apartment with a cat, and have foregone most decor, preferring to place the focus on the views. Their choice in furniture they do own is demure and inoffensive, and it works for the apartment. While we agree that such a city view should speak for itself, we can't help but crave the presence of a few pieces of art or photography in the living room to add some personality because it runs the risk of looking sterile, or worse, like a model unit the way it is. Would you agree? And of course, if you want to just check out the slideshow and see for yourself, you may do so here.

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