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Deutsche Bank Building Nearly Gone; In the Closet With L Haus

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The big plywood-lined absence just south of the World Trade Center is more interesting for what's not there: the cursed Deutsche Bank Building on Liberty Street. After years of various tragedies, cost overruns and delays, the end of the 9/11-scarred tower is nearly complete, a tipster notes in passing: "Looks like the Deutsche Bank Building is almost gone. It has a couple pieces of steel sticking up and that's about it. They have started taking off the blue wrapping around it as well.. but with its luck you never know..." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?Been a while since we heard about new incentives for buying an apartment, and also a while since we had an update on LIC's favorite lawn-sporting condo tower, L Haus. Two birds, one stone! Sign a contract by January 31 and get a free closet build out (for 1BR units) or a free closet build out and storage unit (for the next five 2BR & 3BR buyers). Also, the building just unveiled two new model units, bringing the total to four. What doesn't L Haus have? A moat. LIC is a strange place. [CurbedWire Inbox]

L Haus

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