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NYU Greets Theater Geeks, Protestors at Provincetown Playhouse

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On Saturday NYU held an open house to show off the "new" Provincetown Playhouse on MacDougal Street, and like everything connected to NYU these days, there were angry Villagers there to picket. What's their gripe? That NYU broke promises after pledging to preserve the historic theater while building its new Wilf Hall around and over it?promises such as not putting a big hole in the wall. The controversy even made it into the New York Times! Of course the school also upgraded the theater's facilities, and NYU feels it did right by the building. NYU spokesman John Beckman, no stranger to lashing out against anti-NYU Villagers, let loose once again.

Beckman told The Real Deal:

"Only in Greenwich Village could a university get the near unanimous endorsement of its local community board for a building project, the support of its local elected officials, the endorsement of the community newspaper, build a building that leaves 20 percent of as-of-right square footage on the table, spend millions to retain a historic theater's original walls and restore a working theater with state-of-the-art tech equipment to the Village and still be greeted with a protest."Did he steal that off a t-shirt at Marc Jacobs? Anyhoo, for a peek inside the refurbished theater, NYU has some pictures, but please not that if you click on that link from within the borders of Greenwich Village, your computer will self-destruct.
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