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New York City Comes Under All-Out Walmart Attack

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Labor unions and elected officials have successfully turned back Walmart's attempted forays into the New York City market for years, but now we're desensitized to big box stores and the megaretailer's migration to the five boroughs is pretty much a fait accompli. The mom-and-pop murderer is vowing to do things differently this time. We already know Walmart is looking at smaller locations where a store wouldn't require City Council zoning approval, but the company is still thinking big. So Walmart has hired Mayor Bloomberg's former campaign manager to lobby on its behalf. And here comes the public relations offensive, kicked off with a survey commissioned by Walmart claiming that 71% of New Yorkers support a store in the city.

Companies don't throw around this kind of money to lose an issue, so let's cut to the chase and speculate on where the first Big Apple Walmart will go. The smart money is on Related's Gateway II shopping center deep out in Brooklyn, where the Daily News reports the developer has broken off all negotiations with everyone but Walmart. Costco, Target, Walmart, the 7-Eleven onslaught?what will become of our beloved bodegas?
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