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Grestch Building Residents Trash Neighbor's Art Display

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Everyone's a critic, especially at the Gretsch, the pioneering and rather lovely South Williamsburg loft building on Brooklyn's Broadway. According to a memo sent from building management to all residents, a program to spruce up the lobby with some work by local artists hasn't gone as planned. Scholars have debated the question of "What is art?" for centuries, but some residents agree that it's most certainly not what one fellow Gretscher put up on the walls:

As many of you know, the Board of Managers decided to take an innovative approach and, working with the Design Committee, decided to give local artists the opportunity to display their art on our lobby walls. The program has two obvious benefits; the first to the artists to give them some exposure in the community, and the second to our building to have interesting, innovative art on our walls for free. This last week, a very talented artist who is also a resident, initiated the program with three of her pieces. Regretfully, there were a number of owners who had a negative reaction to the work. The Board decided to remove the art until we could have an Owner’s meeting to discuss the program. Please join us for a short Unit Owner meeting on Wednesday December 15, 2010 from 7pm to 7:30pm to discuss our plan going forward. The meeting will be held in the rear lobby.

And we thought Williamsburg was supposed to be friendly to up-and-coming artists! So was the work scandalous? A Gretsch tipster tells us, "Not offensive at all. I didn't look close enough to judge the quality but I remember it being very colorful. It was up for one day and I saw this building resident with two dogs kind of complaining about it to the door staff with this look like are you serious?" OK, so it was just plain ol' ugly. But what's with the censorship, luxury loft dwellers?
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Gretsch Building

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