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Forget Shark Week, 2015 Might Be Coney Island's Shark Year

The long-in-the-works New York Aquarium overhaul, an offshoot of the city's planned revitalization of Coney Island, is still short on funds by, oh, about $100 million. The tab for the renovation has climbed to $150 million, but the city has only committed $49 million to the boardwalk institution. With private donors needed, the Wildlife Conservation Society?the nonprofit that runs the aquarium?released some new plans to the Wall Street Journal, which is a good place to turn when you're looking to reach private donors.

The plans call for a 1,000-foot spiral ramp going up a sparking new aluminum facade to a roof deck overlooking the ocean, fixing the slightly ridiculous defect of having a beachside aquarium with no water view. There will finally be access to the aquarium from the Coney Island boardwalk, and a giant shark exhibit is in the works. The revitalized New York Aquarium is hoping for a 2015 debut, so cut a check already, would ya?
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