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1 WTC Reaches Half Its Height; I.M. Pei's Centurion Hits Milestone

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Notice 1 World Trade Center's holiday light show getting taller? The Port Authority just announced that tower construction has reached the 52nd floor, which is halfway to the top. Steel is now up to more than 600 feet above street level, and workers are adding one new floor a week. Let's see some more facade! [Port Authority]

MIDTOWN?Speaking of the glass being half full, the I.M. Pei co-designed Centurion is about to cross the all-important 50% sold mark. According to reps, a two-bedroom apartment just sold in the 48-unit limestone building, and three one-bedroom apartments are set to close in the coming weeks. When that happens, the Centurion will be past the halfsies point. Brokers, take note: When in doubt, raise prices. [CurbedWire Inbox]