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Sneak Peek at The Aldyn, the Building for New Year's Resolutions

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What, your apartment building doesn't have a sexy fitness center? With rope climbs to remind you of awkward gym class experiences? And a 38' climbing wall? Those are just a few of the 5,763 amenities?most designed to whip you into shape?at The Aldyn, the latest Extell-developed high-rise facing the Hudson River in the lower left corner of the Upper West Side. The 40-story tower, part condo and part rental, has slowly come out of hiding, and even A-Rod wanted a peek. That's how you know it's a hottie.

Listings for the condos are still a mystery (StreetEasy has a few rentals up) and we've only seen the Roman & Williams interiors in rendering form. That bowling alley sure looked nice, so we sent Curbed intern Blake Peterson up to the wilds of Riverside South to investigate. He was granted entry into a sample apartment, but it's not yet ready for prime time, so he could only snap some photos of the kitchen, bathroom and other stuff around the building. Have a look.
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The Aldyn

60 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069