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Special Year-End Incentive at 1 Vernon Jackson

LIC’s most coveted address, 33-residence 1 Vernon Jackson, is offering a year-end incentive on its largest one bedroom floor plan. Purchase residence 2A by 12/31/10 and receive sponsor-paid transfer taxes and two years of free on-site storage. This featured home with tree-top views offers 752 interior square feet of luxury appointments and a dramatic 367 square foot terrace. Features include a king-size bedroom, large walk-in closet, moveable glass wall, and much more. Offering January move-ins, FHA approval and a 15-year 421A Tax Abatement, 1VJ also boasts LIC’s best location with direct access to the 7 train at Vernon Jackson Station, just one stop from Grand Central. Award-winning design, premium finishes and a quiet, boutique vibe are drawing 7 train commuters and Manhattanites seeking a reprieve from a tightening rental market. Buyers can own a home at 1VJ for under $2,300 per month. Register at and book a private appointment. Open house every Saturday and Sunday – Noon to 4 pm.