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Another Stairway to High Line Heaven; Columbia Commons Nabs TCO; Creek Kayakers Get Support

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WEST CHELSEA?For too long our High Line Construction Chronicles attention has been focused on the staircase at 23rd street, but no longer. A tipster sends word that another staircase is being installed on 28th Street. Every High Line Phase II update must mention a corresponding new condo building right near the spot being discussed, and in this case, that condo building is +Art. [CurbedWire Inbox]

COLUMBIA STREET WATERFRONT DISTRICT?Here's a bit of good timing: New Warren Street building Columbia Commons scored some serious ink the Post today, and reps just announced that construction is finito. The old-school-looking condo building got its TCO earlier this week, and closings will kick off in January. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT?Why some people enjoy taking to Newtown Creek for some water-based recreation, we just don't know. So icky! But take that right away, and people will get worked up. The city has cracked down on kayaking/boating in recent months, and the pols are in a tizzy. Assemblyman Joe Lentol and Councilman Steve Levin fired off letters to Mayor Bloomberg, the Parks Department and the Department of Environmental Protection slamming the ban. Money quote: "By having members of the community out on the waterways recreationally, we have a de facto team of watchdogs, able to spot problems, such as illegal dumping." Ah, that Newtown Creek! [CurbedWire Inbox]

Columbia Commons Condominiums

110 Warren St, Brooklyn, NY 11201