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Here's the Financial District's New Ice Skating Rink (& Bar!)

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We know the economy is back when two downtown hotels start dueling?on the ice! In the season's most unlikely showdown, both the Standard Hotel and the Financial District's new W New York Downtown are creating their own private ice skating rinks, and it looks like the W is the first one out of the gate. Oops, did we say ice rink? We meant hybrid-ice synthetic rink panel skating experience.

It wasn't so long ago when the W New York Downtown condo/hotel was a little bit bummed about its fifth-floor wraparound terrace, but the "Skating in the Sky" experience shold put a smile on anyone's face. Probably because of the booze: Both hot and cold cocktails will be served at Manhattan's "first elevated hotel ice skating experience as well as Lower Manhattan’s first ice bar." Insurance agents are standing by.

As for what the rink is actually made of, here's the explanation:

Designed by BH Skating Parks International, the 12’ by 40’ skating experience will feature hybrid-ice synthetic rink panels which eliminate the need for refrigeration units, generators, or electricity and will be made from recyclable polymer compound, creating an eco-friendly skating experience. The rink will also utilize a non-toxic glide enhancer liquid to reduce friction created by the blade to create the optimum ice rink suitable for skaters of all ages and skill ability.Yeesh, way to take all the Christmas magic out of it! Starting December 18 (and through February 15), the public is invited to strap on some blades and utilize the non-toxic glide enhancer liquid. Cost is $12 to skate, or gratis if you bring your own equipment.
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