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Former Co-Housing Site Will Just Be Regular Townhouses

There was once a Brooklyn development called Carlton Mews, a planned 40-unit condo project on a Fort Greene lot that formerly belonged to St. Michael's church. But the credit crunch hit, the project stalled out, and the developer chose to sell the site to Brooklyn cohousing, the group of 14 households hoping to experiment with shared resources and communal living. At the time, it seemed a safer financial move than passing the project on to a developer who would still have to find buyers for individual units. But the community spirit evaporated, and the cohousing group pulled out of its contract to build at Carlton Mews. Things have been awfully quiet at the site ever since, but now Brownstoner reports that Carlton Mews has a new owner and some new plans for its future. Five two-family townhouses, each 4,200-square-feet, will go up in the empty lot. So far, Community Board 2's Land Use Committee is loving the design, and it is among the least objectionable renderings we've seen in a while.
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