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Huge Archive of Photos of Old New York Now Available Online

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[All photos from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York.]

We're not the first to notice that the Museum of the City of New York has blessed the Internet by uploading a ton of historical photos to their website, but we're probably the most excited. We even considered quitting this blog thing to pursue the full-time gig of simply combing through these incredible photos, but then we wouldn't be able to share them! The collection can be searched by era, borough, tag ("elevated railroads," "mansions," "hotels," "horses," etc.), keyword, photographer and more. Dead stadiums! Bowery flophouses! Street toughs! Folks, you can see the construction and demolition of the old Penn Station (above). Eater has already mined the archive for vintage restaurant shots, so get to it, and post links to personal favorites in the comments.
· The Museum of the City of New York Collection [Official Site via Kottke]

Museum of the City of New York

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