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Bloomberg Sees Science Geeks in Gov's Island, Navy Yard's Future

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How NYU might be able to get to Governors Island: by partnering with the city to build a science research campus there. According to a press release from the mayor's office, the city is now on the hunt for "a university, applied science organization or related institution to develop and operate an applied sciences research facility" in the city. The city wants all this for the sake of engineering and tech innovation and money-making, but we don't really care about all that. What we do care about is just where this fancy facility will go. The city's Request for Expressions of Interest has four suggestions: the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Navy Hospital Campus, the Goldwater Hospital Campus on Roosevelt Island, Staten Island's Farm Colony, and Governors Island. We're most excited about that last one. Will NYU end up with some rivals for its island invasion?
· Mayor Bloomberg Announces Initiative to Develop a New Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Campus []