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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (4) Downtown Brooklyn vs. (13) Gowanus

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 16 'hoods vying for the prestigious fake trophy. This week we'll have two matchups per day, and all the results and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends in the wee hours the next morning. Let the eliminations commence!

After years of being told that Downtown Brooklyn is the borough's next great neighborhood, 2010 was when people actually started to believe it. All those sky-high new towers started filling up, and where disposable income goes, new businesses follow. The makeover of the Fulton Street Mall, headlined by Brooklyn's first Shake Shack, was one of the biggest retail stories of the year, and, uh, CVS is coming! New green space was announced to make the place feel less office-y, and just like other Brooklyn residential neighborhoods like, say, Dumbo, there's even the occasional hipster and eccentric overpriced penthouse! The Year of DoBro, perhaps?

Poor, sweet, innocent Gowanus. The real estate industry has been trying to turn you into Park Slope, or something far worse, but you fought back. You are now?thanks to the sad decline of NYC-based industry!?the city's cultural hot spot. You are where dumpster pools and avant-garde ritual huts are born. You are on the road to cleaning up past mistakes. You are the life sustainer. But are you the neighborhood of the year?

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