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Judge Allows Old People to Hang Out in Their Own Condo Lobby

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Things that scare Staten Island condo boards: old people. Having conversations. At the Elmwood Park II condo, there were five retirees who regularly gathered to chat in the building's lobby, or on the parking loop's sidewalk, after dinner. Until, as Habitat Magazine tells it, one of them "exchanged words" with a condo board member in February 2009. Suddenly, the condo board forbid the retirees from meeting up and even charged them fines for loitering. The five men filed a suit against the condo association in August '09. Now, at last, Staten Island's long nightmare is over: a Richmond County Supreme Court judge ruled that the five men should be allowed to meet. Sometimes. They can use the lobby for 90 minutes per day, two days a week, or use the condo board's studio apartment-turned-conference-room, also for 90-minute periods. But the retirees will be able to hang out outside whenever they feel like it. Phew!
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