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An Eclectically Designed Mansion in Staten Island

As you probably know, we're not too hot on Staten Island. But sometimes a property is just so distinct, even we would consider packing our bags for the Island. George Burke bought this Greek Revival mansion back in 1981 for $150,000 and the promise that he would restore the home to it's past glory. He spent five years fixing it up, mostly by himself, and stuffed it with every design style imaginable ("The décor is dazzlingly eclectic — Victorian, French, Chippendale, Chinese Chippendale). The house is also littered with paintings by "Ruben, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough and Rembrandt Peale." We're going to shut up and just let you look at the pictures because they are just so rich that you're going to need a few seconds to absorb them all.

· A Mansion's Ardent Admirer and Devoted Steward [NYT]