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Visions of a New Prospect Park Gateway; Spitzer Escort to Soho?

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PARK SLOPE?The Park Slope Civic Council has announced the winner of the competition to design a new Prospect Park Gateway at 3rd Street, replacing the metal barricades that block the road now (the entrance was closed to traffic a while back but emergency-service vehicles still need access). The winning entry, Jordan Yamada's and Peter Zaharatos's Stone Garden, is seen above, as are the two runners-up. There's no guarantee the winning design will be built, but the Civic Council is "looking forward to exploring these concepts further for the Third Street entrance to Prospect Park." [CurbedWire Inbox/Park Slope Civic Council]

SOHO?All this talk about where Tiger Woods's mistress #1 wound up. What about Client #9's illicit ladyfriend?! According to a very in-the-know Curbed correspondent, Ashley Dupre, she of Eliot Spitzer downfall fame, has just moved to "Sullivan btwn Prince and Houston- not gonna say bldg # but its a walk up... and not luxury." Guess she could've used some Uchitel-style hush money. [CurbedWire Inbox]