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Who Got Paid by the Battery Park City Hell Building? Staples!

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Here now, the state attorney general's list of the people and businesses that received payments from the raided reserve fund of Rector Square, aka the Battery Park City Hell Building, by developer Yair Levy:

1) Macy's
2) Yair Levy
3) Staples
4) Yair Levi's family
5) American Express
6) Oxford Health Plan
7) Verizon Wireless

The surprising omission from this list? Novelist Augusten Burroughs, who had some nice things to say about the place! In other news, slightly-less-troubled developer Kent Swig, Levy's business partner before he clocked Swig in the head with an ice bucket, finally broke his silence to say everything you've read about him is wrong. When are these two going to get their own reality show? Bucket Buddies has a nice ring.
· Court puts Yair Levy in state's crosshairs [Crain's]
· Swig: I was the fall guy [Real Deal]

225 Rector Place

225 Rector Place, New York, NY 10006