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$30,000/Month East Village Rental Wants to Dance All Night

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Step aside, $20K/month rentals at 2 Cooper Square. It's time to make way for the $30,000/month rental at 38 East First Street, which has been on the market since September with no takers. For that heart-stopping rent check, you get: apartment #3C and its 16-foot ceilings, Corinthian columns, three master suites, library, terrace, exercise room, entry hall with gold leaf on the ceiling, and a ballroom. EV Grieve wonders whether it could be the East Village's most expensive rental ever, and we're not sure either, but it's certainly a contender. (Past rentals in the building have asked, uh, $7,950/month.) Regardless, for $30K/month, we'd want the gold leaf in our foyer refreshed a few times a year.

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