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It's Sell Off Your Historic Greenwich Village Institution Month!

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Yesterday the insular universe of Greenwich Village parents got rocked when the Children's Aid Society basically announced that the neighborhood has become too fancy for its relatively cheap nursery school, and threatened to sell its historic Sullivan Street facility. (The board will vote on whether to sell later this month.) Though the circumstances are different, the organization would basically be pulling a St. Vincent's, shockingly shuttering after putting in over a century of providing a valuable service to Downtowners of all economic backgrounds. Hey, and speaking of St. Vincent's, the hospital is getting ready for what promises to be an epic clearance sale. At this rate, the Jefferson Market Library clocktower will be some rich foreigner's pied-a-terre by spring.

The Times reports that St. V's is asking the bankruptcy court to hire real estate adviser CB Richard Ellis, which means the eight buildings in its core Greenwich Village campus will soon hit the market. We know Rudin Management, which partnered with St. Vincent's on the controversial redevelopment plan that got derailed by the hospital's implosion, plans to make another move on the property, but beyond that, it's anybody's guess. As always, whether we're talking about eight big Greenwich Village buildings or one itty-bitty broom closet, our money's on NYU.
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