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Day-O Storefront is Dunzo; Superior Ink Condos Sold Out?

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?The retro Day-O diner facade was marked for death following a brief preservation tiff, and now Eater notes that the Greenwich Avenue space has been surrounded by a plywood fortress. When it emerges, it might look like this. [Eater NY]

WEST VILLAGE?A Superior Ink diehard?and you know a building has risen to a stratospheric height when such a thing exists?writes in with an update: "The last two original sponsor apartments in the tower section at Superior Ink, have gone into contract. This represents a significant milestone for Superior Ink. The condominium is now SOLD OUT; only 3 townhouses remain unsold. I can't think of another condo development in Manhattan that came to market post-Lehman collapse, that has achieved this level of success. I'm sure my info is 100% accurate. I've checked it on StreetEasy and through other sources." Mazel, but remember, folks, every time a Superior Ink apartment sells, a preservationist sheds a single tear. [CurbedWire Inbox]