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RuPaul Validates Investment Strategy With $2.4M Condo Resale

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Back in 1998, drag queen/model RuPaul Charles spent $1.095 million on a condo at 296 West 10th Street. He did so because he felt it was "safe to invest in real estate that wouldn't depreciate," The Real Deal learns from his latest book. Famous last words for many the past two years, but not for RuPaul. He's just resold the place for $2.4 million. There was no listing and no broker, but the buyer is an LLC connected to an assistant of late French sculptor Louise Bourgeois. Way to work it.
· RuPaul sells West Village pad for $2.4M [Real Deal]

296 West 10th Street

296 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10014