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Council Approves Five Towers of Fun at the UWS's Riverside Center

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You know when's a perfect time to push through controversial neighborhood-altering megaprojects? Shortened holiday work weeks when most people are traveling, of course! And so today the City Council unanimously approved Riverside Center following an extremely bitter public review period?though the project's opponents can't say they didn't see it coming. Extell's development, which will take the place of an eight-acre lot between West 59th and 61st Streets from West End Avenue to Riverside Boulevard, will be dominated by five towers (the tallest climbing to 44 stories) designed by French starchitect Christian de Portzamparc. There's a whole lot more, which isn't a surprise if you've been following along, but here's a quick review via Extell's press release:

Overview of new Riverside Center development:
· 2,500 apartments
· 250-room hotel
· 140,000 sf of retail and service space
· 104,000 sf of office space
· K-8 public school (Extell pays for construction of the core and shell for the full 100,000 square foot school, with the School Construction Authority finishing at least 85,000 square feet of it)
· Cinema
· Parking for 1,500 cars
· Affordable housing (500,000 sf - 20% of the project's residential floor area)
· 2.76 acre public park and playground designed by Mathews Nielsen

· Extell will add $17.5 million to the City's $2.5 million to finish the renovation and modernization of Riverside Park South and also to renovate the West 59th Street Recreation CenterWhat, no shout-out for the water scrim?! Also not mentioned: a construction start date. Details, details. Here once again is layout of the plan, which is the final piece of the "Riverside South" community.

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