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Last Minute Tipping Advice: No Nudes, Start a Fight

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With the holiday season in full gear, we've already discussed the most basic tipping question: how much cash to hand over to building staff. The conventional wisdom suggests avoiding non-cash tips or offering them only as extras. But conventional wisdom isn't enough to stop some apartment-dwellers from passing along fruitcake?and much odder stuff. As the time for tips runs out, the Times chats with a few doormen about the weirdest non-cash gifts they've received. Here, the best of their advice about how not to handle the season of in-building giving:

1) No nudes: One doorman at One York received $500 and a card, in which was enclosed "a Polaroid picture of one young well-toned wife of an older gentleman in a building where he had recently worked. The photograph showed 'pretty much everything.'" The doorman and fiancee hung the photo from their Christmas tree.
2) No food stamps: Residential Building Worker of the Year Carlos Cruz, doorman at Rego Park's Park Plaza, once received food stamps as a holiday tip. "But I naturally turned them down," he tells the Times.

3) No silent treatment: "Some people pick a fight with you on the holidays so they don't have to tip you," Cruz tells the Times. Like one resident of his building, who was upset that Cruz only handed over one of two packages she'd received. "She's not looking at me or speaking to me." Please note, Curbed does not endorse any of the tip-avoidance methods mentioned in this blog post.
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