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Upper West Side Condo Tries to Recover From Early Troubles

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New Upper West Side condo development Linden78 had no trouble attracting interest from prospective buyers. What proved to be slightly harder: hanging onto those buyers once the building missed construction deadlines and had to offer the buyers the chance to cancel. Most backed out, and we haven't heard much from the project since mid-2009. But Linden78 lives: six listings in the building popped up at the end of last week. One of them is a repeat, a 3BR, 3BA that was last asking $3.895 million in 2007 and now wants $3.73 million. The rest appear to be fresh, and prices range from $2.43 million to $6.775 million. The past year has seen only two recorded sales at Linden78, and they're an odd pair of transactions. The owners of 9A appear to have resold their apartment to the sponsor and chosen 11A instead. Hey, at least somebody likes the place!
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