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Hicks Street Pad Gets in the Holiday Spirit With Annual Listing

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Every December, the owners of apartment #70S in Brooklyn Heights' 200 Hicks Street take a cold, hard look at the state of their listing. Sort of. They first put the property on the market in December of '08, with an asking price of $3.6 million for the 3BR, 3BA co-op. In December '09, when the place was priced at $3.495 million, they took it off the market. This holiday season, it's officially back...and still asking $3.495 million, even though the building's other 3BR, 3BA apartments have sold in the $1 million-$2.75 million range. We presume that, following the pattern, it'll come off the market again in December 2011. Any interested buyers, act now. Or, given that the maintenance is a whopping $3,966/month, pick up a townhouse or Manhattan apartment for the same price.
· Listing: 200 Hicks Street #7S [Sotheby's]