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Lincoln Center's New Rooftop Theater Taking Shape

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It's not every day that an important piece of New York City's cultural fabric gets a new facility dropped on its head, but somehow LCT3 is flying under the radar. Maybe all those other Lincoln Center changes are distracting everyone. Revealed back in February, the 130-seat theater, which will stage works by emerging artists and draw a younger crowd to the performing arts campus, is now under construction on top of 65th Street's Vivian Beaumont Theater, designed by Eero Saarinen in the '60s. Architect Hugh Hardy worked on the Beaumont design, and now his firm, H3, is behind the unobtrusive LCT3 plan. We're hoping his pay this time around has been adjusted for inflation.

H3 sent us over these very cool photos of the current state of LCT3, including some aerial shots of the steel, and one from Lincoln Center's new sloping lawn. According to H3, "There are three sets of steel trusses supported on just six structural points, and lifted into place by the second largest crane in operation in the city (the biggest is at the World Trade Center)." Hopefully that's where the comparisons to the World Trade Center's construction efforts end if LCT3 is hoping to make its 2012 curtain.
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