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Watchtower Building Revenue Could Save Park From Condos

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With the hefty maintenance bills at Brooklyn Bridge Park, additional luxury condos have long been on the table as a park-funding option, One Brooklyn Bridge Park-style. But at the urging of community members, a Committee on Alternatives to Housing promised to look at, uh, alternatives to housing. And last night, that committee voted to seriously consider some of those alternatives. At the top of the list, the Brooklyn Paper reports, is the idea to use tax revenue from the possible sale and rezoning of the Jehovah's Witness buildings instead of building new housing in the park. Of course, that would require the buildings to go on the market and sell in a particular timeframe.

If that doesn't happen, there are a few other possibilities, including an event space at the park, advertising or sponsorship, or, the Post notes, a park improvement district that would charge an annual fee to neighborhood businesses. Let's hope that's not the top backup plan, because it didn't work so well for the High Line.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201