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Rename Madison Square Park's Most Mysterious Landmark!

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The Commodore Criterion Building doesn't need help drawing attention?its location where Broadway and Fifth Avenue split make it a focal point for Flatiron District and Madison Square Park crowds?but its spooky emptiness and permanent Christmas decorations have turned it into a huge curiosity over the years. There were once plans to convert the building from toy industry showrooms to luxury apartments, but now MadParkNews notes that a listing for the building has just hit the market, offering a pretty darn tempting bonus feature.

Brokerage Sierra Realty is looking for a company to lease the building, which is 18,000 square feet spread over six floors and a basement. The naming rights also go to the tenant, but this being a protected landmark and all, we're guessing the Landmarks Preservation Commission will have to sign off on any changes to the building's exterior. The rent on the 95-year-old building is "to be discussed." Here's some old-school floorplanage:

· Listing: 202 Fifth Avenue [Sierra Realty via MadParkNews]