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Fancy New Boat for Lady Lib; Building Doesn't Blow $13k on Plants

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LIBERTY ISLAND?Why do we care about a new hybrid ferry that will soon carry tourists through New York Harbor? Two reasons: 1) It's called the Hornblower Hybrid, and any way you slice it that's an awesome name. Oh, and 2) We just like the rendering! Look at how fun and not crowded everything looks. [Freshkills Park Blog]

MIDTOWN?How much do office buildings spend on holiday decorations? In the case of the Hippodrome at 1120 Sixth Avenue, $13,000! That's how much was blown on poinsettias for the lobby last year, and in 2010 Hippodrome owner Edison Properties decided to forgo the decorations and just donate the money to charity, according to a sign hanging in the lobby. Now don't the rest of you landlords feel like jerks? [CurbedWire Inbox]