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Bar's Awning Officially Makes LES the New Meatpacking District

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The Meatpacking District is known for its old metal awnings, formerly used to protect dead hunks of meat, and now used to shield live ones?clubbers and iPhone buyers?from the elements. Since many have accused the Lower East Side of surpassing MePa in the realm of total nightlife shitshows, it's only fitting that the neighborhood would copy that classic warehouse look. Bowery Boogie brings our attention to the recently opened Tammany Hall rock club on Orchard Street. Note the new addition!

Writes the Boogie: "This new facade furnishing ostensibly injects the block between Rivington and Stanton with a taste of Meatpacking flavor. Indeed, that particular style is not seen elsewhere in the neighborhood, so people will definitely notice the change. Day or night." Mmm, Meatpacking flavor! But in this case, is it yummy or crummy?
· Tammany Hall Installs Ginormous Awning [Bowery Boogie]