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Karl Fischer's 24-Story FiDi Dorm; UWS Conversion Selling Out

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Pace University is on a mission to house its students within a five-minute walk from its City Hall-area campus, and the school just announced a major deal. It's partnering with SL Green Realty Corp. to build a new 24-story dorm at 180 Broadway, at the corner of John Street. And because everything must be designed by him, Karl Fischer is the architect who drew up the design, which is seen in the itty-bitty rendering at right. (We appreciate the contextual design, but maybe there's better inspiration out there than the Verizon Building.) The dorm will replace Pace's 600 leased beds in Brooklyn Heights. [Pace University Press Room]

UPPER WEST SIDE?At pre-war condo conversion 314 West 100th Street, every apartment tells a different story, bu that hasn't hurt sales. Nest Seekers International just announced the sale of five renovated apartments in the building, and the last two available units are now in contract. At the building, "Original floors, doors and layouts were restored in the renovated apartments, with modern touches including kitchens with Carrera marble counters and stainless steel appliances, and Bosch washers and dryers." Old yet new, just like Rex Ryan's personal video stash. [CurbedWire Inbox]

180 Broadway

180 Broadway, New York, NY