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Battery Park City Hell Building Residents File Another Suit

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Once a Hell Building, always a Hell Building. So it is at Battery Park City's Rector Square, where a bunch of units were bought by their lender, the sole bidder, in a bulk auction last month. The residents already have one court battle going against the building's developer, the bucket-wielding Yair Levy, and they've now begun another against both Levy and his son-in-law, Daniel Deutsch. They filed a suit in New York State Supreme Court last week, The Real Deal reports, alleging that Levy and Deutsch failed to complete construction or pay common charges, and that they illegally used building funds. Not new claims, but the buyers' attorney says the case has grown and that Levy and Deutsch's actions have made it impossible for the residents to refinance or sell their apartments. (We're not sure that's the only roadblock.) Meanwhile, we think Levy probably needs a fresh set of office supplies to fight this thing. To Staples!
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225 Rector Place

225 Rector Place, New York, NY 10006