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Upper East Side Townhouse Begins Next Phase of Tragic History

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Upper East Side doomsayers may want to look to 113 East 61st Street for evidence that their theories about the neighborhood are coming true. The house just recently changed hands for $8.891 million, but the sale is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this particular property. It's actually the fifth time the property has sold in the last 10 years, for prices ranging from $10 million down to $8.2 million and back up to $11.85 million. The most recent transaction was that word most dreaded on the gold-paved streets of the UES: a foreclosure. According to the building's PropertyShark page, the auction occurred in early November, taking care of an $8,329,074 lien on the property. The buyer is hidden behind a corporation. At least the house probably felt comfortable up on that auction block, because the house also went up for auction in May 1993, when it was Manhattan's "first-ever 'Absolute Auction' of a premium property." Quite the claim to fame.

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