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A Coney Island Christmas: Landmark for Sale, Freak Bulldozed

Fresh off last week's landmarking, Coney Island's fabulous-yet-falling-apart Shore Theater has been put on the market by its owner for $12 million, Amusing the Zillion reports. The theater has been closed since the '70s, and a new owner will have to deal with an interior that, according to the property's broker, is in such bad condition that it's hazardous just to step foot inside. Still, the Shore is one of Coney Island's tallest and prettiest buildings, and with that redevelopment on the way, could be something special once again. The future isn't so bright for another Coney Island staple.

The show is over for Shoot the Freak, one of the ousted boardwalk businesses that are now trying to fight off eviction. Yesterday, theme park operator and boardwalk boss Zamperla USA boarded up and razed the seedy attraction while nobody was looking. According to the Post, Zamperla believes its actions are legal and necessary in order to turn the spot into a boardwalk entrance for its "Scream Zone" roller coasters, coming next summer. A court will hear the plight of the "Boardwalk 8" next month, but it looks like the Freak should probably start looking for other forms of employment. Hopefully something not involving paintballs shot at his face.
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