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Check Out FiDi's New Dorm; Cooper Square Hotel Deal Called Off

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Here's a better look at the new 24-story dorm at Broadway and Fulton Street being put up by Pace University, and its three floors of glassy retail down below. DNAinfo reports that demolition of the existing two-story building at the site is already underway. [DNAinfo]

EAST VILLAGE?On Friday rumors started spreading that the deal for the Cooper Square Hotel fell through, and Grand Hotels would not be buying the Bowery's Dubai, as was planned. Today hotel reps confirmed that, putting out the following statement: "The Cooper Square Hotel will not be purchased by an outside party. The hotel will continue to operate under managing partner Klaus Ortlieb and his team. The hotel will announce plans for a new restaurant in early 2011." [CurbedWire Inbox]