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Soho's Stone Slabs in Sudden Sidewalk Swap Shocker!

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The old uneven sidewalk outside the Kate Spade store at Broome and Mercer Streets might seem like a charming reminder of Soho's past, but to city officials, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. So the stone slabs will be replaced with a more traditional concrete sidewalk, at least according to a proposal making the rounds. The Post reports that this pedestrian safety measure is meeting with a bit of resistance, including from Soho restaurateur Kurt Gutenbrunner, who's said: "It's like going backwards. I mean, how many streets with these sorts of beautiful histories do we even have left in the city?" Darn right! We'd chain ourselves to the old slabs, if only we could find them under the snow.
· Save or pave in SoHo [NYP]
[Image via Google Street View.]