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Plaza's Superintendent Gets a $3.1 Million Apartment

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In the ongoing Plaza vs. 15 Central Park West deathmatch, add a point for Team Plaza. Because while 15 Central Park West's maids get to live in $2.6 million studios, the Plaza's superintendent is now making himself at home in a $3.1 million one-bedroom. The Journal reports that the transfer of the super's apartment from the developer to the condo board has finally taken place, at $2,428/square foot for 1,279 square feet. That includes two bathrooms and a dining alcove, and a similar place might rent for $16,000/month. The high prices help attract top resident managers, the developer of 15 CPW?where the super's apartment cost the condo board only $2.13 million?tells the Journal. Prices at the Plaza haven't exactly held up in the post-Charlie Sheen rampage world, but the price of the super's condo was set in the building's original offering documents. Smart move!
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