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Possibly Deadly Soho Glacier Removed; Harlem's Ellison Completed

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SOHO?Here's the Soho Alliance's Sean Sweeney on what you see above: "Instead of the usual fancy SoHo penthouse, this snow drift or glacier or igloo or whatever formed on the roof of a cast-iron building on Greene Street. Neighbors cordoned off the sidewalk yesterday and today FDNY hook and ladder arrived to shatter it to the ground before it killed someone. It certainly was heavy. I heard the thud inside my loft when it landed on the sidewalk after FDNY dislodged it." Sadly, 40 tourists heading to the Crocs store were killed. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Apparently blizzards and dead holiday weeks can't slow the Harlem building boom. Halstead just announced that The Ellison, a new 10-unit building at 2255 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 133rd Street, just received its certificate of occupancy. Buyers who sign before January 31st get six months of free common charges. The one- and two-bedroom units range in size from 820 to 1,228 square feet, and in price from $569,000 to $799,000. [CurbedWire Inbox]