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The Most Honest Person in Astoria; Prospect Park Lost Camera Map

ASTORIA?Serious Eats dude Adam Kuban spotted the above flier in Astoria and twitpic'd it. He wrote: "Wow. Honesty in #Astoria - Flyer: 'FOUND - Tiffany bag with jewelry inside. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to claim." In Long Island City, you know that jewelry would have already been used as a down payment on a cabana atop some condo building. [@akuban via Racked NY]

PARK SLOPE?Now this is how you use Google Maps to your advantage! (And, for that matter, the Brooklynian message board) "Lost: 1 Canon G11 camera, at or South of Picnic House near 6th & PPW in Prospect Park / Long Meadow, possibly on popular sled slope. Dropped at around 12:30pm today, Wed Dec 29, 2010. Likely zone shown below in red." [Brooklynian]