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Curbed Cup Finals: (5) Harlem's FDB vs. (7) Northside

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And now, the conclusion of the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. Because this is the most important decision of all time, the polls will be left open until noon, January 1. Let the final battle begin!

After all this time, we've reached what some would call the inevitable: The ultimate showdown between the two New York City neighborhoods most mentioned when it comes to the wave of gentrification brought on by the boom. First up is Harlem's Frederick Douglass Boulevard, coming off epic wins over Long Island City, Downtown Brooklyn and #1 seed Park Slope. FDB, or Eighth Avenue if you prefer, earned the "Harlem's Gold Coast" nickname for its surge in luxury condos and other assorted fabulosities (like the first new Harlem hotel in forever). The stuff has been selling fairly well, arrested developments like the Gateway and The Lore are back to the land of the living, and after more than seven years, Frederick Douglass Circle is open. Now that's an impressive year.

The other potential winner is last year's champ, Williamsburg, but specifically, Northside Williamsburg, which dispatched its Southside neighbor, the Upper West Side and tournament Cinderella Governors Island. This year the neighborhood went from being a real estate bust punchline to solidifying its status as the next Meatpacking District (to the chagrin of many). Upscale boutique hotels, multimillion-dollar penthouses, house parties with their own bartenders?heck, even the city's fanciest Duane Reade! Snazzy! As one Curbed reader put it, "No other neighborhood had more huge residential projects finished, more high end retail open or more crazy ass stories take place." And there's not enough time in the day to review the insanity known as Edge. So, we ask...

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